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Being your own boss can feel lonely and isolating


The long hours, complex decisions, conflicting priorities, disappointments, and unfulfilled expectations are challenging to sort through alone and can take their toll.


Whether you dream of starting a business or you want to take your business to the next level, you don't have to do it alone. 


My coaching process offers you the opportunity to witness your thoughts, feelings, energy, actions, and results with compassion and curiosity. It facilitates a safe zone where you explore where you are now, and what it might take to get to where you desire to be. 




OPTION #1 - Belief Exploration

Our deepest unconscious thoughts can sabotage even our best efforts towards success.


Beliefs shape how we view the world and inform our default thoughts, feelings, and reactions to circumstances.


During this session I will take you through a process of exploring your beliefs around an area of your life that fells stuck, disappointing, or out of control. 


I’ll teach you the process I have used with hundreds of clients to cultivate beliefs that accelerate your success and shift your energy which impacts the actions you take and ultimately, the results you get. 


OPTION #2 - Habit Transformation

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” —George Eliot


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OPTION #3 - Strategy and Tactics 

This session is for you if:


* The global pandemic has upended all of your goals and business plans. You are ready to seriously explore how your business could pivot or transform and what steps you can take to create a new roadmap. 


* You dream of starting a business, are ready to take the first steps and need someone to help you clarify what those steps are. 


* You are faced with a decision or circumstances that have you confused or freaking out and you are unsure of your next move.


* You are at any stage of business and don't know what next steps to take and when. 


* You wish you had a business saavy, creative and strategic advisor to brainstorm ideas, to give you objective feedback, to help you 


Let me be your part-time partner! 


With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience in fashion, music, interior design, gourmet food, publishing, and event planning, I have expertise across all aspects of business from strategic planning, operational management, fund raising, and team building to website, social media, and publicity strategy to website, product, package, and space design.


  • * Gail offers these very special customized sessions and rates to current Boost Entrepreneurs Founding Members only. Ninty-minute sessions with Gail at this rate are otherwise not available.  If you are not a Founding Member, your payment will be refunded minus processing fees. 


    * This session is non-refundable. Upon written approval from Gail, it is transferable to any other current Boost Founding Member. 


    * Gail will reach out to you via email to schedule your session. 


    * You may reschedule this session with 24 or more hours notice. 


    * If you do not show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, we will consider the session canceled and you will forfeit the fee. 

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